The Need for Accessible Tourism All Over the Planet

Did You Know: According to the World Health Organization (WHO, 2023), 16% of the global population experiences significant disability?

That’s an estimated amount of 1.3 billion people who are currently living with a disability, which means that most of these people are unable to enjoy the luxuries of travelling due to the lack of accessibility. 

Many might see 16% as a small number compared to the 84% that can visit and access these luxuries, but could you just imagine the opportunities that could come from catering to all persons of different abilities? If you’re all about your business (which we understand is important), you could garner a significant amount of revenue by setting up your facility to be more accessible but you could help foster memories and good experiences as well for all persons, abled or not. 

Accessibility is a basic human right which many get taken away due to their needs not being catered to in hotels, lodges, tourist hotspots etc, around the world.

Here are some ways in which one could make their facility more accessible:

  1. Physical accessibility – improving your spaces and infrastructure to create an environment where all visitors can move freely and without difficulty
  2. Communication accessibility – training staff with the proper tools and communication skills to assist those who are difficult of hearing, speaking or understanding. 
  3. Web accessibility – making booking services and similar websites easier to access such as

Above enhanced revenue and more visitors at your facility, you’ll also be fulfilling your social responsibility by accommodating and embracing all persons. A central part of a responsible and sustainable tourism policy is accessibility to all services, products and tourism facilities.