Tourvest Destination Management (TDM) is pleased to announce the appointment of Chantel De Ridder and Grant Grobler from TDM Product, Procurement and Marketing as Financial and Operations Director and E-commerce and Systems Director respectively.

Chantel has contributed significantly to TDM’s profitability since taking on the role as Financial Manager for the Product division over the past two years. Chantel’s journey began with TDM 12 years ago, where she started as a Scheduled Tours Consultant, moving on to become the Scheduled Tours Manager and eventually taking on the role as the Central Reservations Manager. As the new Financial and Operations Director, Chantel will assume increased responsibilities in her portfolio. Chantel will be responsible for the implementation of all financial and operational work processes and procedures for TDM Product (Touring, Logistics, Beds and the Guide Academy).

Grant has been a dedicated employee at TDM for 11 years. During this time he has progressed from being a Data Capturer to managing the Data team and eventually moving into the Contracting Department, becoming the Contracting Manager in 2009. Grant will be taking on the role of E-Commerce and Systems Director, with his responsibilities focussed on setting and managing pricing strategies as well as business logic for the Product and Procurement division. Grant will also oversee and co-ordinate all E-commerce product implementation and activities across the various systems including Tourplan, B2B, Extranet and Intranet for all third party and TDM owned product.

“Chantel is known for her ability to be a team player and overcoming difficulties during challenging times. Grant’s ability to understand the ever-changing trading environment that we find ourselves in will be extremely beneficial to the organisation, especially in the direction we find the business moving into, says Felicity Vieira, Chief Marketing / Procurement Director.

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