After almost a year of planning and ensuring optimum perfection, Welcome Tourism Services (WTS) presents the Experience brochure.

‘Experience’ was created with our customer in mind, providing a resource that offers exhilarating and unique experiences, allowing our customers to enhance their itineraries with extraordinary offerings. The ‘Experience’ insert, aims to expand our customers product portfolio and provide them with opportunities to cater to a wider – growing market, who are seeking exceptional holiday experiences.

By sharing our specialist knowledge and expertise, we strive to create memorable holidays for a variety of travellers. ‘Experience’ is divided into nine categories of travel, highlighting key experiences our clients’ guests can indulge in while exploring Southern Africa. The Experience brochure includes a wide range of activities and experiences from unique safaris and thrilling adventures to community outreach programmes and craft beer tasting. Each experience has been specially handpicked to capture the essence of Africa, leaving travellers with memories that will last a lifetime.

Operations Director at Welcome, Alessandra Allemann says, “There’s been a significant shift in clients’ travel trends. Where previously people were content going sightseeing, that desire has now shifted towards more meaningful and enriching experiences. Authenticity is a key deciding factor for many travellers. People seek to leave Africa knowing a little bit more about its people, food and culture. More and more travellers want to get up close and personal and encounter Africa rather than observe it from a distance. And so we’ve used our knowledge and experience to create a resource that will help our clients keep up with the changing demands of their respective markets. The Experience brochure offers something for everyone, from families to adventure seekers to food and wine enthusiasts, our travel partners will be able to complete their itineraries with a lot more ease.”

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