About us - Our Vision & Mission

We are an African company, committed to our people, customers and suppliers, providing exceptional quality, service and value. With every customer interaction, we bring the beat of Africa and Tourvestís magic.

  • We aim to maintain our position as the Number One tourism group in Southern Africa by running and growing world-class businesses here;
  • owning and operating key strategic tourism assets in Africa;
  • developing our own businesses in selected offshore markets;
  • continuously investing in partnerships and technology; and
  • building long-term relationships with travellers through innovations and the integration of products and services.
The Tourvest group is driven by and for its stakeholders - staff, customers, shareholders, suppliers and the communities in which it operates. Its corporate culture is defined by:
  • accountability;
  • recognition;
  • transparency;
  • learning; and
  • communication.
In projecting this culture into all that the group does, Tourvest and its people aspire to a clearly defined set of values. These include:
  • integrity in all dealings;
  • passion and commitment;
  • respect for others;
  • innovation;
  • environmental awareness; and
  • the embrace of diversity and its benefits.
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